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 Thiz iss hou 2 post a storeez (Seriously, it's important. Don't post before you read!)

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PostSubject: Thiz iss hou 2 post a storeez (Seriously, it's important. Don't post before you read!)   Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:11 am

Okay, for those of you who aren't familar with this section, you are about to be. Why? Because I'ma tell you how to post stories in the most organized way possible to you. What a Face LISTEN UP!!!

1. Please post your story as a thread. Only you may post in that thread. Another thread will be made avaliable for people to comment on said story. Post each chapter seperately, as in, in your story thread double posting is the general goal unless it's a one-shot. Okies? Okies.

2. Accept con-crit! What's con-crit? Constructive critisism, of course! Not everyone will like your writing, but that's okay because everyone's different. And as long as they're not flaming you (In which case....*Daintily pops knuckles*) then you should be glad that they took the time to make comments on your writing.

3. Check your spelling. Seriously, please use the spellchecker before you post your story, it makes it easier to read and much more enjoyable as well.

4. Please don't make the whole thing be one giant block of text. That's fine for a real book, but online it's abhorently frightful to read, so please don't do it. Post dialogue as a seperate paragraph, like so,

blah blah blah blah blah blah boom boom yada yada yada

"Oh really," he said, "This is terribly random?"

See? Don't make the characters speak in the same paragraph with huge descriptions, okay? Script, song-fics, everything like that is totally allowed. Oh, that reminds me,

5. POST A DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, in fanfiction you must always say who wrote the story your fanfiction is based on, and if you're using anything with copyright, say who really owns it please. ^;^

Methinks that that's about it. If you've got any questions please ask here ^;^

Here in FANDOMS, we only post fanfiction? Alright? That means no original works, though the same rules apply there as well, except the disclaimer because if you came up with it it's yours. No plagerism, okies? And nothing M rated, okay? Here are things your stories may contain based on ratings (Please say the rating in the title of your story thread)

For a K story:

No Swearing,
Mild Violence,
Minor romance; nothing above hand-holding.


Minor Swearing (Like dang.)
A little more violence but nothing too bad (Like, no bloody stuff)
A little more romance (Like, snogging is allowed.)


Still only minor swearing (Like dang, crap, that sort of thing)
A lot more violence (as in you can feel free to describe exactly what it looked like when Hero#3 stabbed bad guy#4)
Still only a little romance (This is a CLEAN website)


Tons and tons of violence (As bloody and gory as you'd like, so long as you warn us)
No romance beyond kissing and such, as usual.

But remember, you always have to warn us exactly why your story has the rating it does. If you don't know what to rate it, send to it me through PM and I'll tell you what to rate it before your post. Other than that....well....there isn't anything other than that XD
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PostSubject: Re: Thiz iss hou 2 post a storeez (Seriously, it's important. Don't post before you read!)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:28 am

Very Happy This is great!! I like the ratings system to an extreme degree.

As Curfew has said, this is a clean website. Anything major will resort to warning and posible banishment. And what you did may potentially be posted publicly as a warning to others. This is TSInet, and TSInet is a pg 9 system (WAC only, pg13 on the others at the moment). If a nine year old can't read it, there is a problem. The same goes with Epic Jello and Anime The World. To join the site, you have to be at least nine years old. I did this so many of my younger friends can join, and maintain that a responsable and intelligent nine year old should be able to join a gaming forum. After all, aalthough Gaming is not yet up and active, that's what we are about.

As I say this, I also point to the fact that older gamers have fanfiction, personal literary works and other documents and tales they may desire to post. That's why this place is so big.

Thanks, Captain Curf, I was hoping someone would help me with these Very Happy I never got around to mazking a form, but I like this one and this one stays. Now, off to that War Forum...

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Thiz iss hou 2 post a storeez (Seriously, it's important. Don't post before you read!)
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