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 Warping legends because they can

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PostSubject: Warping legends because they can   Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:00 pm

Here let's talk about the absurd (ly adorable) ways that people have warped awesome legends when turning them into movies, can be Robin Hood, King Arthur, anything. Also feel free to discuss the hilarity that takes place when one movie version conflicts with another. Have fun, chaps, and no, this is not a game ^;^

So I think that the King Arthur film of 2004 is rediculous in that it, to me, shouldn't even be called King Arthur. I don't care that they're trying to make the original legend more historically acurate; you can't even see the original legend anywhere in the film, therefore making the historical acuracy overtake the legend as a whole, making the whole "Arthur" bit totally void. The only things similer were the following things:

1. Names of characters.
2. Merlin was in it.
3. Arthur becomes king.

Other than that there was NOTHING that screams, "This is the King Arthur legend!" so pretty much, they killed it. It was a good film, just it shouldn't have been titled King Arthur. But it was so awesome that, were it given a different name, it would have been amazing. It makes me cry everytime, starting when Vanora sings "We will go home", and then again at the climatic battle. It's a beautiful film ^;^ And Tristan *Purrs* he's amazing as well lol
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Warping legends because they can
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