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 Mod Tools and Explanations

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PostSubject: Mod Tools and Explanations   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:02 pm

The following are the mod tools and what they can do:

Split: turn one topic into two different topics.
Merge: Merge two different but similar topics.
Send to basket: Moves the topic to the Loony Bin.
Delete Topic: Deletes topic.
Lock: Locks the post so only Mods/Admins may post.
Move: Moves the topic to a more appropriate place on the site.

Mods, please post reason for doing any of the above, Capitalize and post action in the topic, and make sure to not Delete a topic before sending it through a Major Mod Squad member (Curfewdawn, CrazyDragonGirl, Cashaunta or myself, as there will be a Minor Mod Squad later on) that way we can approve the deletion and/or deem the deletion neccesary.

This is for your general information. Now, because I am an admin, I am going to Lock this topic.

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Mod Tools and Explanations
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