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3230 days have already been spent to bring you this RolePlaying site!! Current Status: in need of new members (Feb 7th)
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There seems to have been a halt in posting... If anyone knows why tell Saga so she stops spamming our RP!! >O>=.=

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I am DV, aka Saga, and I own this place. Got any questions? Please PM them to me or the Mod Squad.
We do NOT tolerate flaming (or bad gossip on a forum) on Wac.
Have fun, follow the rules, enjoy yourself.
Don't see a topic that interests you? Start one- chances are 100 times out of 101 that someone else is interested in that topic too.
Thanks, have fun, please use proper grammar (I don't really care, to be honest, but we have a grammar-correct mod who will get on you.... just do your best, and she'll leave you alone about it.) At the very least, for sanity's sake don't use Chatspeak. I cannot read it.
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